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Aleksandr Sergeyevich Kerensky (Dec. 16, 2700 – June 11, 2801, aged 100 years) was the foremost General of the Star League who later liberated Terra from the rule of the usurper Stefan Amaris. Later, after the collapse of the Star League he led the vast majority of the survivors of the Star League Defense Force (SLDF) on an Exodus into the Deep.

ISN Headlines regarding Aleksandr Kerensky[]

Inner Sphere News Headlines Aleksandr Kerensky was mentioned in Notable characters News date
“Lost Titans” publishes to controversy over speculations on the 402 WarShips that vanished with Aleksandr Kerensky. Aleksandr Kerensky 3049-02-28
“Hero or Traitor?: The Kerensky Legacy” publishes to severe criticism it is filled with errors and supposition. Aleksandr Kerensky 3049-03-21
One Star Faith files legal claim of “defamation of character” against “Hero or Traitor?: The Kerensky Legacy” author. Aleksandr Kerensky 3049-03-24
Famously piloted by General Aleksandr Kerensky, the Orion is a mainstay of the FWLM, which just debuted the new ON1-M. Aleksandr Kerensky 3049-05-30